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branded direct printing for events

Strengthen your professional event services with a printer that upsells your photo booth


Printoku Server / Pro

Starter Pack

Connect to the Printoku Server local Wifi and wirelessly print from your iOS or Android based mobile devices. Professional photographers can connect their SLR camera via FTP tethering.

*Printoku Server is a one time fee.

Printoku Cloud

Upgrade to Events on the Browser

Upgrade your Printoku Server with a subscription service that let your guests print directly from their smartphone browser. Enjoy a fully customised landing page for your event!

*This product requires Printoku Server.

A Complete Solution

Buy or Rent a Printoku event printer

You can buy or rent a complete Printoku to deliver event printer solutions. We  tailor  solutions according to your needs.  You can also rent a Printoku from one of our clients.

Contact us directly for a request.



  • Directly print from iOS and Android*. No aPP required.
  • Overlay – PNG with transparent background
  • Digital copy of printouts in a USB
  • Schedule working hours – Limit the printing time
  • Limit the number of printouts (volume. Between 0 – 700pcs)
  • FTP Synchronization
  • FTP printer server – Professional Camera – SLR Tethering

Smartphone Operating Systems:
iOS and Android (8.0 or higher).

Compatible printers:

  • DNP RX1 HS y DNP DS620
  • *Printer & Case are not included

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  • Directly print from a Smartphone browser.
  • Upload your photos without any App.
  • Customise a Landing Page Design
  • Add hyperlinks to your Social Media or E-commerce store
  • Limit Pritntouts by IP
  • All functions from Printoku Server are included.
  • This product requires Printoku Server to work.

Smartphone Operating Systems:

  • Any device that has access to an URL via a browser

Available from 59euros for three months

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What is the difference between Printoku Server and Printoku Cloud?

There are two main differences. 1. Printoku Server connects to a smartphone via a local WiFi while Printoku Cloud uploads the pictures via a landing page on the browser. 2. Printoku Cloud has a landing page that can be branded and customised according to each event. You can link URLs as a hyperlink.

Do I need to have network to work with printoku?

Printoku Cloud requires users to have internet on their phones because they connect to a URL. For Printoku Server, it depends on the smartphone (e.g. iphone can work without internet on Printoku Server)

Can I use Apps to use Printoku?

Printoku has the ability to print directly from your smartphone. It will allow to print any picture that can be saved in your gallery of images.

Does each Printoku has their own license?

Yes. Each product has its own serial number. Check our different pricing plans to get your best deal.

Why do we recommend buy the license and install it yourself?

At Printoku we want to offer you the best deal. Many agencies already have DNP printers. In addition, installing the software to a Raspberry Pi it is easy and cheaper because it won’t require any shipment. Still, we also sell the software installed if that is more convenient for you.

What is the warranty?

Printoku includes a 6-Month limited parts warranty and does not cover damage due to normal usage or wear and tear. Warranties are non-transferable and coverage is limited to the original owner.

What smartphones Operating Systems can Printoku use?

Printoku Cloud can be used with any device that has access to a browser and internet. Printoku Server can work with Smartphones equipped with iOS or Android version above 8.0. Note that Operative systems can change. For this reason, we recommend Printoku Cloud service.

What are the space, venue and other requirements for the photo booth set-up? Can it be set up outdoors?

A power outlet is required to provide electricity to Printoku. We recommend to have a table or podium. If your have an outdoor venue, a suitable shelter away from rain or other weather and wind will need to be provided.

What is a personalized print design, layout and overlay?

Printoku allows you to print branded photos. You can design your own artwork (with PNG format) or you can choose one of our many beautiful print design templates.

Can I buy a Printer and a Case from Printoku?

You can contact us at to ask for any specific requirements that you might need. We are very happy to support you.